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Stage 1 tuning maps  Empty Stage 1 tuning maps

on Sun May 06, 2018 4:27 pm
If youre reading this then theirs a good chance you wanna make more power from your car. Sadly enough most stage 1 tunes from commercial companies are only 6-10 maps that need to be edit for stage 1 power goals. To be honest it kinda pisses me off that they charge up to $600+ USD for a retune of a car that is almost 20 years old and the calibrations youre getting for your car are very basic.

Maps needed for a basic stage 1:
LAMFA: requested fueling afr (in lambda) for 50% throttle and above
TABGBTS : calculated egt switch for overly rich fueling for component protection
KFLBTS: When the ecu feels the egt is too hot TABGBTS triggers fueling from KFLBTS
LDRXN: maximum specified load. this is how you bring the boost up. KFMIRL will limit LDRXN if the last row in IRL doesnt have enough overhead
LDRXNZK: maximum specified load under contentious knock. for stage 1 you may not need to adjust but listing for reference
KFLDHBN: maximum pressure ratio map. will limit boost if not numbed
KFZW/2: base timing maps. may need to pull a bit of  timing at peak load if the car is correcting hardcoded values too much
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